Sunday, 20 January 2008

A bit too right on!

Church was a bit odd today and had I not been reading, I would have slid out quietly in the first few minutes and returned home. I am glad I stayed , I suppose but it was all too happy clappy for my liking today. Not unusual or out of order to go on about Jesus in the month of Epiphany but it was very happy clappy and right on. Normally we have a sing song about God and smart stuff like hills, trees, rivers, rocks and so on, but today it was all about going out into the world and proclaiming that Jesus is ace. Indeed he might be, but I don't like that imposition inbound or outwards. D the V wasn't about today as there was a pulpit swap so we had a guest speaker from a neighbouring church, though the Vicar was a lady originally from Manchester. Rather a tall, attractive woman at the front singing away today as part of the musical accompaniment. Failed to say hello during tea and biscuits after.

Back home now and exciting progress with washing my sofa covers.

The Swan with Two Necks to follow at 1pm and then home later to cook spag' bol.

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