Monday, 14 January 2008

Top Road Action - for a Monday.

Today has been a good day and really rather fun. I drove to work and then I accompanied our Property Director down through Somerset and Devon to out store in Ivybridge, cadging a lift in his rather nice Jag' (which he did not invite me to drive, alas).

To get to our store in Ivybridge you just head down the M5 until it runs out and then onwards along the A38, The Devon Expressway. Said road has its own website full of exciting junction pictures; I chose this image for the top bridge action it depicts.

Devon was really fab' to drive through but tomorrow I am in the somewhat less picturesque Birmingham to attend a store forum on Pets and Fish. Should be a giggle.

I have seen a job to apply for as Retail Ops Mgr of another Garden Centre Group with stores in the south of the UK and on Guernsey and Jersey. My real hope is that my current employer will make my role permanent in May but for all the time that is an uncertainty, I shall continue to work hard and look about.

Roast chicken for dinner in about an hour. I was a bit too spannered to cook it yesterday and would have fallen asleep and let the beast burn through so I am at it tonight and will have a decent dinner and a glass of wine. Early night and an even earlier start to meet colleagues at half six prior to our run up to 021 country.

I think my brother Greg is off to Rome tonight, the spawny get. Nicola, his delightful other half speaks about 5 languages including Italian so they should be okay. My other brother Dave who lives in China was very excited today because he got his new washing machine which he tells me Khaless himself delivered - in person. F.E.J! Fancy that! I wonder if he asked Khaless in for a glass of prune juice (a warrior's drink).

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