Thursday, 10 January 2008

Foxy forties.

I was just chatting to Walshy about Jo Whiley. Walshy reckons she's a pain in the Gregory. Me, I don't normally fancy blondes but I reckon Jo Whiley is a right fox, and intelligent and articulate too; ideal, in fact. Could she? Yes she could.

For the sake only of intellectual depth and the arts, here's a pic of Jo Whiley and Nigella. Smart!

I sense I am alienating whatever limited female readership might happen to tune in to this little Blog but hey, TTG - they will come back!.


Lynn Roberts said...

I had your blog recommended to me by your pal Chris after he had come across mine, and I've been reading and enjoying it.

But you've only gone and picked two of the most rubbish people on TV there *sigh*.

BS5 Blogger said...

My pal Walshy recommended yours also, and I liked it very much (delightful grammatical style) with a fine and elegant pop at The Pope (who wants to cleanse football, it seems!)

My TV recommendation was shallow and vapid with no depth in the arts but hey-ho!

walshy... said...

Joe Wiley is a pain in the arse...Nigela on the other hand is v.nice and she cooks a mean gammon joint, cooked in coke.

Hehe, your blog has now been flagged by the FBI for having joint and coke in it....oops and again.

BS5 Blogger said...

Dear FBI - check out Walshy's Blog, Healthy Fixation - he's mates with that Osama fella you lot are after.