Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Sim card Simpleton.

I've had a top day today with several smart things occurring! I got my new phone bits and pieces (the old one having gone through the wash) but I had since lost the sim card. Orange have said they will send me another one of those too, and have dropped their usual admin' fee, so that will arrive tomorrow. Luckily I had my sim card from the phone I had before the washing machine one and it fitted. Managed to keep that one for three months but lost my previous one 1 day after the washing machine incident. The old sim had all my numbers on and the 1 gig memory card from the washing machine phone survived its ordeal so I have all my pics too. I didn't have the number of D the V anymore so I wrote to her and asked. Happily I discovered she also put her phone through the wash a week or two back (on account of her dog Merlin chewing a hole in her coat pocket), so I didn't feel quite such a spaz telling her why I needed the number again.

Work was cool for the rest of the day. Home for half five and in time for circuits. I had not been all last week and only went once the week before so that felt like aaaaaaaages. Also with Gigi here last w.e I didn't go for a run, so tonight I put in a good effort.

Good email banter with Walshy today as well, and he has been a good Winger on a new job I am applying for.

Zane on the radio as I type and hey, Thursday tomorrow. On the weak and flimsy premise of moving some cupboards I am going to go in in my jeans. Our IT team are always in jeans so I will give it a go.

My car is filthy so I really must see to that on Saturday especially as he put in such a good run to Cornwall last week; the least I can do is maintain him in a DCF.

Steaming some pak choi as a side-dish with dinner.

Top stuff.

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