Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Walshy's Fire Engine

At the office today I refined my presentation about our warehouses and our supply chain. I have been happily faffing about doing this project for 5 weeks and it was all pretty much in my head and in a rather verbose presentation I had written before Christmas. Yesterday my (quite foxy) boss asked me to present to her, our MD and our Store Managers at a meeting tomorrow morning, so I have been getting it into shape.

Tonight my audience is out for dinner which means they will get lashed while they are all together -this might make the room easier in the morning and the tricky questions fewer. We shall see.

New Hampshire Primaries this evening and hoping that Barack O gets a good run at it and gains momentum. I read a decent DT article about the chap already having had increased Secret Service protection for a year; as a black man who might go all the way he is (depressingly) assumed to be a target at higher risk of assassination as a black man. The Americans are a crazy lot. I will be in bed for the exit polls at 1am but I suppose the results will be all over the radio when I wake at 6.

Also in the news - my mate Walshy sent me a smart picture of a fire engine he had been messing about with. It was dead good and I shall post it when he sends it to my home email.

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