Friday, 11 January 2008


I am Guns of the Naverone, Super Fly TNT irritated at work and that is very, very rare for me as I am normally more laid back than a world champion limbo dancer.

After my indulgent success yesterday in managing to pull off a plan to re-lay a warehouse with logic and product-flow, and blagging 120 hours overtime budget to do it in the perfect week of the year, I now discover that our mezzanine floor (crucial to the plan) was built outside of normal regs and thus we do not know how much weight it can take. My fine plan is on hold until we see how bendy the bastard thing is and now I look like a spanner and I am irritated on a Friday. Not good.

Went to see my boss to tell her and she was excellent about it and told me not to worry - hardly a thing one would expect us to have encountered, she said, and it's had stuff on it for years anyway.

Technical plans and me - not a good mix.

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