Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Early soak.

Not a great deal to report this morning but I did get out of bed at half past five for a long bath before work, which was kinda nice. I had to chuck out the lass who you can see here; Lord knows how she got in the house at that time, the cheeky mare. And she used all my candles, and she read my Special Forces book without asking! Women!

A nice chat with my bro' (on MSN) about Barack O' and this and that but then our connection dropped because Bill Gates is a spaz.

At work today I have to look at using hours more productively in a store and to be honest I am a bit stuck about how to proceed so that will need some thinking and head scratching but I'll get there.

I have another reading this Sunday (details sent over last night), and this will be my fourth.

Daftly I picked up a book in bed last night that I last read two years ago (it is about Michael Collins), and I polished off 40 pages; I think I am stuck into it, so that's three books on the go now - one on MC, one on English Churches and thirdly, David Niven's Biog' which seems to be about a horse with a lot of room in it.

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