Sunday, 6 January 2008

Gregory Peck.

Church was jolly pleasant today with a thoughtful message about Epiphany and a jolly sing song about this and that (and a v.attractive woman in the band up at the front to whom I had every opportunity to say hello afterwards but as usual did not - useless bugger and failing on my NY res'6 days in!!)

I have been penciled in for another reading (my hat trick!) later this month so some practising will be required for that. My friend Leighton was leading today and some of the old hands find him a little irreverent, I suspect but I think his attitude is spot on and pleasantly light. It makes it smart.

Off shortly for a quick look in at The Swan With Two Necks in St Judes, known to one and all as The Gregories (Gregory Peck - Neck, you see). This is a picture of it. It's a fine little place just at the end of the M32 and two streets behind Staples.

As I post I am listening to The Last Atlanta ‘Twin Of The Sun (Original Mix)’ (Global Underground) - a fine bit of deep house, on a blinding label!

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