Sunday, 30 December 2007

What I did in the Holidays!

This is my report!

I had a top smart break over Christmas. I am back to school tomorrow but just for one day and then I am off on Jan 1st to have a lie in after the inevitable shenanigans in The Barb on NYE.

Here's a quick run through of events!

Christmas Eve - outta work at 4 and a couple of pints in The Hauliers with Steve, Cas and Clare - just a couple (mind) because at Midnight I went to Church for a candlelit service, pictured here.

Woke Christmas morning and Santa had left a Mike Coopey on my sofa! Went to Church and had a jolly old sing song - Mike went to see his folks. Lunchtime festive ale at the Barb where I also had my lunch. Home for a snooze and then woke at half seven and pissed about until half 3. I got a very smart pressie from Greg, Special Forces issue he said, and pictured here!

Boxing day was tops and I cooked a Christmas dinner though we ate chicken and not Turkey. Thursday was cool and I had some really nice time on my own in the house whilst Mike pursued some totty in Bath and ended up bumping into Folats in the Cathedral! Thursday to Chelts where we had a few beers with Wide and T and a couple of hours playing Guitar Hero. Also pictured here is Hopesoid having a go on said game at my house, and coached by Mike!

Back to the house on Friday and loaded Mike onto a bus, and then oh bliss! Time on my own in the house. had thoroughly enjoyed Mike staying but that little time (3 hours) just on my jack in the house was worth the entire holiday. Fabulous!

And then Saturday night for a great house party at Cas's - he cooked three or four curries and a load of us took booze. We had Champagne & tequila slammers, replacing the fizz with Natch once we had run out! A fab evening of dancing and chat until 3 am. (That's Cas giving it some to a bit of funk and soul)

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