Saturday, 19 January 2008

This will make you want to check.

Now I heard something odd on the radio in the week. This is going to make you check.

Apparently if you look at your instruments in your car, and in particular the fuel light, if the pump on the little johnny-symbol is on the right then your fuel cap is on the right as well, and the flip side is the case with the left. I drove 4 different cars this week, a Mercedes (mine) , two Vauxhalls (one hire car, one that is my Dad's) and a Peugeot (work pool car). The theory is holding so far.

I don't know anyone with an Aston Martin now because my friend Carl sold his last year (feck knows why, he could buy 5), and Aston Martins have a tank either side, I think, so it wouldn't work for him.

Check your car and comment back on this post.

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