Monday, 7 January 2008


Oh Bugger! A flat tyre on the way home tonight which was irritating but not as irritating as missing circuit training which I had been looking forward to for aaaaages since the Christmas break! I had driven my car over a nail at the car park at work where I had left it for 4 days whilst having a pool car to visit other stores in the midlands. I shall be more careful when I park up this week to visit our store in Devon.

It was the rear tyre on this pic'

I stopped in short order at a garage on the way home and spoke to a lad of about 20 who not only re-flated (is that a word?) the tyre and found the nail in it but also swapped it over with my spare, jacking the car up and all that business. He didn't even consider charging me and he was at it for fifteen minutes or so.

This is the delightful benefit of working in one small North Somerset village and stopping in the next one to seek help. I bet you wouldn't get that in Romford (or wherever!) The chap who helped me established where I worked through our chat and his other half works there too so we had a right old chat about that. I think the least I can do is give him my business to replace the nailed tyre one day in the week. I don't think you get that level of willing help very often outside of rural Ireland!

I was home and had an hour on my hands ordinarily taken up by running, press ups, crunches and squats and so forth, so here I am ahead of myself. I am trying to read the Blog of a woman called Lynn whom Walshy randomly emailed having read hers whilst shandied up and having seen a similarity to mine (alas it won't load just yet).

Lastly, I have to hand it to Gordon Brown for being entirely more credible and genuine on 'Today' this morning (Radio 4) than Tony Blair ever was. That's sons of the Manse for you, although he is not perfect, just better.

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