Friday, 11 January 2008

Renault Drama

I am less narked about work now having had a very exciting 20 minute read just now!

I went up the road to have my new tyre fitted this lunchtime and while I was waiting I browsed through 'Commercial Motor', a dangerously exciting magazine and indeed with a year's worth on the table, the only magazine offered to the waiting punter.

I read all about the Renault Magnum in its latest incarnation. Since the last model some things have improved. MPG is up to 8.79mpg and , excitingly Cab-nod has reduced hugely! I am tragically able to tell you that I knew about cab nod already but now I know more. You can see it on braking or starting at the lights as the cab rocks back and forth. If you are a girl and you are still reading, you've probably read too far by now!

I think I'll stop now.

The Heavens have opened and it is raining hard and nearly snowing.

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