Tuesday, 15 January 2008

When in Birmingham...

Just home (via a pint) after a long, long day up and down rain swept motorways to Birmingham and back (to the far reaches of Devon and back yesterday and Brum again twice more later this week, so the carbon-footprint of an American here in BS5 by Friday night).

I was at a department managers meeting today for one part of our business common across all stores. My first time attending and it was a little more talky than productive and it will be interesting to see what is made of the forthright feedback given to my other 'head office' (nasty term) colleagues.

Late on in the meeting and just as I was presenting Greg called. He sent a text just after. He and Nicks were at the Coliseum in Rome and were calling to excitedly say what-ho. I wish I could have taken the call as I know Greg would have been on top form! Alas I was hearing all about new product development for Gecko and Terrapin housing. Great laugh. I think Greg was having the better day.

Dinner, a glass of wine and a bath to follow and some attempt to remember where Shadrak, Mischak and Abendigo featured and to finish said chapters from last evening (which feels aeons ago).

Gigi also got in touch - she was sunbathing in Athenry (Co. Galway) today and it was lashing it down all over the place here!

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