Wednesday, 23 January 2008

World markets wave sweeps BS5

Couple of days now since I blogged and that's the first gap in a while. I have to say the last two days have been pretty okay, and I have enjoyed them.

Work has been okay, but stretching and different. I have been number crunching, looking at a year's worth of Invoices across 4 suppliers to our 7 stores to see whether they have the integrity to move to On Trust Receipt, or taking in all their stock without checking it; this would free up a load of hours to use elsewhere in the supply chain. I'm a right spaz at maths but I sat with my Finance Director who just showed me the way through the numbers and whaddayknow, I came out the other end just fine and with some conviction in my recommendations. There's a fantastic new woman who has started in the Accounts Dept too. I ventured a chat after 2 days.

The house is coming together - I have a great Friday guest so I have been sorting out my abode to move it from 'bloke living on his own' to 'bloke who isn't too far beyond saving'. Suspect Gigi will still take the piss tho'.

Nice chatter with people important to me - both my brothers via email or messenger, the Folks on the phone, Walshy on the phone today as he was gooning about in Manchester, and Shammalammadingdong on email, Gigi on the phone and some others on line as well.

The only thing I have missed out on is circuit training what with this concerted effort on domesticity, but that was by choice.

And my take on the world at large these last two days? Well - economic nervousness across stocks, shares, credit and the FTSE 100/Dow Jones/Hang Seng and so on, and the Governor of the Bank Of England on a speaking engagement here in Bristol last night. My take? I found four pounds down the back of the sofa when I took the covers off and put 'em in the laundry. You knows it!

Happily to bed...

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