Sunday, 27 January 2008

Stick Rein

Went to Padstow on Saturday - and Truro, Bodmin and Newquay! By the end of Saturday I was 3 miles short of a 400 mile round trip (at a healthy 48.2 mpg for those of you interested, and this despite Gigi doing a constant 95mph for her part of the journey).

Padstow is pretty smart but I wouldn't go if you don't care for Rick Stein; he has about 7 different businesses in the town and there are only about 50 shops altogether. I think Mr Stein is okay, so I liked Padstow a good bit. Hurtling across Bodmin Moor hoembound on the A 30 was also a hoot.

Home by half six for a movie, a bottle of wine and a shared meal for two with little Chinese authenticity but more attraction than cooking something myself. A long and smart Saturday!

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