Monday, 30 June 2008

A Monday stroll into BS1.

Into the centre of this great city today to see a man about temping and long term jobs. I saw an agency and as it happens I am already their client at work so they have been very accommodating and sent my CV to a ton of their offices in this part of the UK. We shall see.

Now then, I also went to several other cool places, and took a pint reading the New York Times which was a jolly old read with its curious Americanisms.

Caught short a little before my appointment I needed to see a man about a dog so I strolled into the Bristol Marriott where they are usually a bit sniffy about casual passers by. A man in a top hat opened the door and said good afternoon, and I said it back to him equally sincerely, ditto all the other super-polite staff. I had a wander around and a quick visit to the most elegant and elaborate public convenience in the city! Here's the outside of the hotel. Nobody seemed to mind me being there and to be honest I was not a scruffy bugger while I was there today so maybe they took me for a guest.

After that I had a quick gander at Bristol Cathedral which is 868 years old.

Here's a quick little movie. It's a bit grainy really because I was being disapproved of whilst taking it. Only a little bit though.

After my time at the recruitment agency I strolled home and all the attractive women in BS1 seemed to take their lunch at the same time. Ideal!


scargosun said...

Very nice morning you had there. I think I would have had more of a lie in though. I am willing to bet some place of business snatches you up right quick.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi there! I do hope so too!

I'd always pick an early night over an early morning - I can't really do a lie in because I always find I am looking forward to something or other in the day!

Is your internet connection working or can you only post in the office at the mo'?

What did you and Mr Scargosun make of Spain-Germany?

Has G-Dog done any more baking?


Suburbia said...

I love your post! Such a great day to be out and about with the best women in BS1!

Good luck on the CV front

The cathedral is beautiful isn't it? and I'm glad I've seen it in the 'flesh' because your tour made me a little dizzy! (It was that back flip at the end that did it!) I could sit in there for hours (and I'm not normally that way inclined!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub, it is a fine building indeed and even if one has no faith or belief in the Big Man it is still an inspirational pile of bricks at 800 years old and made without a big crane! I had a long old walk round it today and enjoyed it.

Sorry I made you dizzy! Are you sure it wasn't a fruit rush from your happy haul of family picked strawberries?

Suburbia said...

Maybe it was a fruit rush as you say, which has made me think that I hope Small Sprog keeps his fruit rush for where it belongs!!