Monday, 30 June 2008

Quite a lot of Moles.

Here in Bristol we have a sound old House of Fraser dep't store but they are vacating the premises to take up new space in a smart new City centre development that has been under way these last 12 months. According to the window posters (which will be made up because it's Marketing!)the sale is a 10m pound clear out. I ventured in on Saturday (a mental thing to do really) and it was CHAOS! I knew I wanted a brown jacket like the one Walshy loaned me in Ireland, and so I nipped in to find one with ruthless speed and Ninja like stealth, and here it is! It is a moleskin number and is really nice and long in the body and well fitted - I quite like it. The pocket handkerchief did not come with it. It is not long like a frock coat, just long enough for my six foot five frame!


Suburbia said...

No sooner have you posted your arm in the bath and now you are flaunting your neck !!!

Great Jacket, was it only £10??

Suburbia said...

Just got the joke about the moles heehee!

F36 said...

Hi BS5,

I cant think of a link between Jodie and tumble dryer, but it's a great name nonetheless! (I loved Mike!).

I hope your agency visit went well earlier and that you secure a permanent post soon.

You seem to have had quite a busy and eventful day. Hope the chicken roasted to perfection - I had beef, although dinner has only just been served - after a bit of wine!

The brown jacket looks really nice, I hope it was a bargain. It might help in your job search - I hope so!

I didn't get the joke about the moles??

BS5 Blogger said...

Sub, That was my leg, not my arm you daft thing! Doesn't say much for my calf muscles!!

F36 - welcome. You are a mystery person...tell us more. Chicken went fine thank you and made a lunchtime sandwich plus dinner tonight. Meals and sarnies out of it until Wednesday I reckon.The jacket was moleskin, so I am guessing it took a lot of the little chaps to make it.
Jodie was just Jodie as that was the name written on her in pen.

F36 said...

Hi BS5,

Thanks for your welcoming hospitality.

I'm completely new to blogging, and I'm thinking about setting up one for myself - but am not sure how it all works so have been looking at a few others. I've posted replies to a couple, but you're the only one to have replied - you seem like a popular fella!

I took the opportunity to look back on your postings - hope you don't mind! (congatulations on 50 this month by the way!)

What sort of stuff do people normally post? It seems to be thoughts, feelings, secrets and the like (with some random stuff thrown in occasionally!).

I'm intrigued about 3rd para woman!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi F36,

Well I tend to Blog about stuff that happens today and then just respond to comments, thoughts, moods, feelings. Take a look at Suburbia's Blog - she is very entertaining as is Scargosun and Alaina - these are my main reads; two in the US and one in Bristol. They all get LOADS of comments. You can link to them via their comments on mine. A pal of mine helped me set mine up, I am a techno-failure!

You are very welcome to look around my posts as you feel you want to. Not all of them will make sense, I guess!

I hope you start a Blog soon.

3rd Paragraph Woman is a nice woman in the office that I like so I should either do something about that pre August 1st when I finish or put the thought away.

Off to bed now.

See you.

Suburbia said...

Sorry to mistake you arm for a leg!!! However I tried hard not to look too closely as you were in the bath ;)

F36 said...

Hi BS5

I'll try to start a blog at the weekend--if time (and my IT knowledge!) permits. I'll definitely look at the blogs of Suburbia, Scargosun & Alaina first as you've suggested.

With everyone being so busy nowadays I don't think people spend enough time communicating which is what appeals to me about the blog idea as you can share stuff with lots of people at the same time.

Is 3rd Paragraph Woman a code name or is she also known as this to others? Please ignore me if you feel I'm prying - it just seems quite an unusual name.

Enjoy your chicken sandwich tomorrow - yummy mixed with crispy bacon, mayo (Heinz or Hellmann's), together with a little red onion and sweetcorn & crisp lettuce - on wholemeal bread only mind!

I don't live all that far from Bristol, but have never been to the Cathedral.

I have work tomorrow so am also off to bed now.

In case I don't get a chance to post again this week - I hope things work out OK on both work and personal fronts.

Nite nite


Anonymous said...

Very lovely... what a neck!

BS5 Blogger said...

Sub, that's a fair call - no point in looking too closely, it might give you a funny turn!

F36, I hope you start blogging. 3rdP/woman is so called because I mentioned her to a good friend in the 3rd paragraph of my email to her and hse said this was far too big a piece of news to relegate to a third paragraph, and then the name stuck. Have a great rest of the week.

Alaina, thank you. The jacket has super hero lining!

scargosun said...

Excellent shopping trip! I really need/want to go shopping. *Sigh*