Wednesday, 18 June 2008

An absolutely true test...

Have you heard of the business of 'Six degrees of separation', the notion that each of us is only 6 jumps from a link with anything random in the world?

Here's a blind go at testing it out.

I picked a random article in Wikipedia (there's a specific button for this) and I would like to know, how close can you get to a connection with THIS ? Is 'degrees of separation' a theory with any merit, or specious hoo-haa?

If you attended this place we have a winner!


Suburbia said...

I love this theory and I have read about studies that have proved it and others that have not. I like to think that it works though, it's a great idea. I haven't clicked on your highlighted word yet. Just going back to do so.

And as for my waggon, I'd forgotten that it's my birthday on Friday so I'll leave it behind then!

Suburbia said...

I may be wrong but I think the theory refers to people not places. So you could give a letter to someone addressed to a ramdom person anywhere, and it would get to that ramdom person after changing hands 6 times (someone who knows someone who knows someone and so on)

walsharoo... said...

what a piece of piss....

Final Jump: New Hyde Park Memorial High School


1. Today I clicked a link that went to a wiki artical about New Hyde Park Memorial High School

1 degree, pretty smart.

I win!

BS5 Blogger said...

Walshy - as ever, you are ace.

Sub - your birthday? Hey - there's a post in that! (And you are on the money, I recall now it is people, not places)