Thursday, 26 June 2008

New role tactics.

I have decided upon a new strategy for getting my next job after August 1st! Having read today about new laws to enure women and ethnic minorities have positive discrimination at interview to get work, I have a new thought; I am going to lie about my white, male, hetrosexual, public school education and in its place re-work my CV. I will tell employers that I am a 6'5" woman, and a lesbian at that (I already fancy women so I am nearly there). I will also claim to be from North Korea. This plan should ensure a total blag for a great role going into the Autumn.

Suburbia - I am still in place for a month and can give you the full tour, spiders, scorpions, plants et al!


Suburbia said...

Book me in then, and don't forget to include a sneeky look at 3rd para!!

You made me laugh about being halfway there already!! Seriously though, people are doing that (not the lesbian bit, though how would I know?!) We recently had an aplication from a (rather lovely) black bloke who filled in 'white british' on the application.

Go for it and knock 'em dead. Everything happens for a reason, there will be great things around the corner (even if you do have to dress up in drag);)

BS5 Blogger said...

You are a good sort, thank you! I will try to think of someone who retains a similarity to 3rd P/W so you can have a mental picture.

scargosun said...

What happens when they see you at the interview?