Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Squaring it away.

I had quite a smart day at work. So much of the output of my all-day Store Mgrs' meeting lends itself to expanding my remit so I will think about that later next week when I sit down with my (decent) boss.

Tonight I am packing and prepping for Ireland. I don't leave for another 27 hours but on the quiet I am a bit of a bird when it comes to travel organisation and always have it well prepped a day in advance. I like the fact that tomorrow I can work my bollocks off to cover days off then come home to eat, bathe and change and just pick up my gear and head for the 9pm train safe that the bag I pick up will have been thoroughly packed the night before and will do just the job. It will be packed by need and will be alarmingly organised and well thought out. All I will need to do is grab a 4 pack from the fridge for the 9-1.30 train journey and make some sarnies to eat on the ferry at half six or seven when it docks the next morning, but I shall do that tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I can be 100% focused on work and cover all the bases and then kerpowww, I am on leave and excited!

Here's a thrilling picture of work in progress just a few short minutes ago. This is my spare room and the bed is a good size to organise such things.

In rather a charitable and Christian act, I am laundering various items of outerwear the Irish contingent left here when they visited my house last month. I will deliver them to the owner.


scargosun said...

You are a good man for doing Irish laundry. I was also going to ask if all 6 foot + of you slept in that bed! I am glad you ironed that out as I was worried for your spinal health.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Miss America!

You are a funny fish! :)

I am six four and a bit and my bed (which is not the once pictured) is a king size so it is entirely spacious and adequate as I sleep a touch diagonally. It's a bit too short if I have company. Not a massive issue these last few months but a tolerable problem when it happens - hee hee!

Suburbia said...

Your organisational skills are awsome!!! I get the idea that you are very excited?!

BS5 Blogger said...

I am quite excited right now and more so as I head for bed tonight. Tomorrow I will put that box away and be 100% focused on work, then from about 5.30pm I will be beside myself with gleeful joy!

Anonymous said...

Hey back at you BS5. Sorry I haven't been to visit. Thanks for coming over to my land and commenting... was nice to see you in my inbox. :-)

Hope you have a glorious holiday full of fun.

Chat with ya later.

BS5 Blogger said...

Thanks Alaina!

Off to bed shortly and listening to a podcast of Coldplay live at Brixton Academy earlier this week.

Seeya, and thanks for the holiday wishes...

Suburbia said...

You've left Clark the Shark behind (oh no!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub,

Clarke is on guard detail. He doesn't like the ferry. Imagine that, a shark who gets seasick!