Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Days off and great guests

My house is empty again after being filled with 5 fabulous people and a team effort to fill the recycling box with cans and bottles (oops - did that frighteningly easily).

The Walshies and the Warns came to my house so we could all meet up; Chris and Caz and their new little chap Thomas, and Chris and Sofe who were home for three weeks (they fly to Australia tomorrow!)

We had a great take out on our first night and chatted endlessly - we had not all been together for about 10 months so the chatter was constant. You can see the table detritus in the picture. On Monday we had a really long walk across the Clifton downs - Bristol is very lucky to have acres and acres of green public space. it overlooks the Suspension Bridge at one end.

A civilised dinner of roast pork last night and a little bit of loafing about today before everyone departed.

I now have the rest of the day to potter about before work again tomorrow.


scargosun said...

Do you feel relief or saddness when your guests leave? I get a bit of both becuase I stress so bad and making sure everything is perfect. I need to work on that.

BS5 Blogger said...

I feel a little guilt sometimes if I am having too much fun but I feel a happiness when we know we have all had a great time.

Suburbia said...

That sounds such a fantastic weekend. Worth working bank holiday for!

Suburbia said...

I've just read your comment above. I thought only girls felt guilt when enjoying themselves. I just hate the way your brain won't let you have a good time without reminding you it won't last!