Thursday, 19 June 2008

A birthday bouquet...

Sharks can sense blood in the water at 4 parts per million and Polar Bears can smell a man 20 miles away and will pursue him and eat him.

If you share any of nature's gifts for detection and observation you may have gleaned that I am away on a top jolly to Ireland this weekend, a jolly that will curtail my blogging as of late tonight!

Thus I am going to post early for SUBURBIA's birthday which I believe to be on Friday.

Sub, HBTY, here are some virtual flowers for you from me.

Enjoy your day



Suburbia said...

I'm so touched! Thanks so much they are beautiful, my first virtual bouquet!!

I have a sneeking feeling you're weekend will be much more exciting than mine. I hope you have a brilliant time and remember at least some of it(!) to blog about.

:) Sub

Millie said...

Nice bouquet!! That's a beautiful gift!! I like those lilies!!