Saturday, 28 June 2008

Cleaning Mike

This is a picture of Mike.

Mike is my vacuum cleaner. Today after just three years of owning him, I discover he has a filter that you are supposed to clean out each six months. I have never cleaned this but am going to do so today having done all my housework. His filter is probably a bit full but hey, Mike still picks up all the dust he can see, so I reckon he will be on top form after I have cleaned his filter. I will let you know !


Anonymous said...

eek! a dyson. I'm salivating.

I would have one except that I have all hard wood floors.

and I'm cheap. no... frugal. cheap is so... cheap.


F36 said...

If Mike does such a good job with your cleaning, it's only fair that he also gets an occasional spring (or is that summer?!) clean!

Is Mike named after someone, or do all your household appliances have pet names?

Suburbia said...

Did you know that Mikes older cousin lives here in BS9. She is looking rather past her best these days and has a few extremities held together with tape! If she's lucky Husband sorts her filter out once a year but she's not the complaining sort!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi all!

Alaina, what do you clean hard wood floors with, in your frugal way?

F36, hello to you. Not all the appliances have names, just a few; I have Stan the pan (my fave frying pan), Jodi the tumble drier and Mike. Mike is called Mike because he is a Dyson (say the names together and it becomes apparent why)

Sub, I am about to come over to see if you have posted about your day out. Also, could we have a pic' of Mike's cousin?


Suburbia said...

Mikes cousin is very shy because looks are well past her best. I will try to persuade her!!

Anonymous said...

Mostly I swiffer... dry... but sometimes wet... with vinegar and water. With only one person the house doesn't get very dirty... it's mostly just the dust bunnies.

But when I have my massive New Years Eve bash then I get my Kirby out. :-)