Saturday, 7 June 2008

Top buzzing beastie

I took this snap for a little chap who pops up all the time on Moments From Suburbia, another fine Bristol blog with a very witty lady at its helm. 'Small Sprog' is into bugs and things like that so I hope he appreciates this little green chap who stopped at my house to catch some rays this lunchtime.

I was sat on the wall doing the same and reading The Economist (all about Barack O and Hillary) and I heard a very distinct buzzing as the pictured green chap came in to land. His legs and body would have adequately covered a 2 pence piece. He's a little out of focus and the weeds are pin sharp but if you click the pic' you can enjoy his greenness.


scargosun said...

Very shiny too. Reminds me a a little green car for some reason.

Suburbia said...

Aww that's so nice! I clicked and enjoyed his green-ness very much!
SS is in bed now but I will show him tomorrow, so wonderful of you to think of him!!

I saw one buzzing past this afternoon (SS was off with his water pistol at the time) They fly in a very eratic manner which always amuses me!!

Lovely day wasn't it?

Suburbia said...

Come and see my bug, come and see my bug!!!!

David said...

extra shells with mine please

BS5 Blogger said...

Hee hee!