Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Social whirl

The week is a pleasant and busy social whirl and is an enjoyable run at the office as well! I have neglected my Blog a little, I think.

Out and about at Stores on Tuesday, and a long day of copy writing at work yesterday; my friend Helen over for dinner (and record breaking amounts of chat) last night, and a garden party at my Vicarage this evening! It is my attractive Vicar's birthday today.

Off to work shortly for more copy writing and a meeting with a supplier about shopping trolleys. It's all go but hey, I didn't leave any Top Secret Garden Centre documents on the train!

More soon!


Suburbia said...

Glad you've had a good week. Any news on 3rd paragraph?!! ;)

scargosun said...

You certainly have been neglecting us! Sounds like a very busy and fun week though. Are shopping trolleys like shopping carts, the things on wheels?

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi you two!

Yes, my blog is skinny and trim this week, just like me! Just in from the Vicar's house - man she looked FINE in her summer dress tonight! I bought her a very nice plant as a gift and that made her smile.

Scargosun - yes - shopping trolleys like shopping carts; I am pricing a contract to have them looked after once a year at all our stores.

Subsubsub....lunch at the pub with 3rd P woman and a few from the office, and some witty and pleasant banter these last two days. I think I may ask her out for lunch one day in the week just on our own.

Suburbia said...

Go for it!

However if this girl thing stops you blogging I'll be very cross!!