Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How moral is your Fridge?

This evening I am only eating lightly as I have been quite a porker in the last two days.

So, tonight I just knocked up a quick tuna salad with some pasta and I will eat at about 9.00.

As I was making it I realised I had no idea where things in my fridge and cupboards come from as a snapshot in July 2008. I did a survey!

I have generated quite a large amount of food miles and I am trying to work out how I feel about it. I don't think I am very comfortable with it.

Here goes - and maybe let me know the same for your kitchen and if you feel it is moral or immoral:

Green Beans - Kenya
Pasta -Italy
Tuna - Canned in Ghana
Sweetcorn - France
Rice - Uruguay
Celery - Spain
Wine - France

Fosters - UK
Peppers - Essex, UK
Asparagus - Lincolnshire, UK
Red Onions - Cambridgeshire, UK

Recipient - BS5. Bristol, UK


scargosun said...

I try very hard to look to see where my food comes from. When I can, I buy as local as possible. I will tell you though...it's tough to get my edamame fix locally. ;)
I have stopped buying fish from Asian countries when it is "farm raised" because of what I was told in a cooking class. ICK! You don't want to know. We have several farm stands around here so my pick of produce in the spring/summer/early fall is pretty darn good.

Suburbia said...


Don't talk about air miles I've just landed!!!

I have the number of a great veg sack company who deliver local veg to your door if you want it.

See you soon

Sub :)