Sunday, 7 December 2008

Three today.

This morning I am going to a Christening which will be folded in to the 2nd Sunday of Advent church service. I don't think I have been to a Christening before. I suppose you take 1 baby, 1 vicar, two parents, two God parents, renounce the Devil and add water, and Bob's your Uncle? I spent lots of yesterday setting up tables and chairs for a buffet afterwards and it was nice to do that.

Today is also the 3rd birthday of the chap pictured. He is Toby, my brother's dog.

Did you know that the phrase Bob's your uncle comes from UK Primeminister Robert Cecil appointing his nephew Arthur James Balfour Minister for Ireland in 1887? Balfour also became PM himself later, but referred to Robert Cecil as 'Uncle Bob', whereupon the media had a field day with stories of nepotism.

This is BS5 reporting live with all the facts from Bristol: have a good morning.


Suburbia said...

I love the idea that the christening is being 'folded' into the service, sounds so comforting :)

(Can't get my google mail to load !)

scargosun said...

Awww sweetie doggie!

BS5 Blogger said...

Sweet? He's like a little rocket of mischief!