Saturday, 13 December 2008


Here in BS5 it's been a curious few days. I am awake at 3.40 in the morning reflecting on it. It is chucking it down with rain outside.

I did not get the Head of Retail job I interviewed for last week, and I was really disappointed at that. However, I had a great few days at my folks' house which was very happy indeed but took in a funeral and (frankly) rather an awkward last evening, though I came home on Friday morning perfectly happy. It was particularly nice to come back to my PC after a few days of Mac blogging; you know how weird Macs are (sorry, Alaina...)

Had a great Friday with a very fine afternoon in Clifton and strolling along the Downs, then caught up with the chaps and had a couple of small pints! A busy weekend follows and has the promise of some chat with my Vicar (curiously) about some rather well paid temping to start soon on behalf of a funding and project management role within our church. Also my brother flies home next week the 6677 miles to London. Beers with him will be tops.

And in the morning I am going to put my Christmas tree up, though I am a world class spaz when it comes to decorating it. This is definitely not it, when I am done it kinda looks like I just tipped the decorations box on to the tree. Actually...

All in all, I am pretty glad that I can count my blessings as they are many and full despite no permanent job as yet!

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Suburbia said...

Throwing the whole box on is definitely the right way to do it! Ask SS!