Saturday, 13 December 2008

Supermarket report - could do better.

Well, my time in Sainsbury's just caught the start of mental hour and they seemed to be piling in in droves as I was at the till. I was rather delayed in my shopping today owing to extended and unwelcome 'dwell time' in clothing and shampoo (groceries dead easy).

I really dislike buying shampoo because it's so bloody complicated and there isn't an on-shelf product that just says 'Bloke Shampoo'; after about eight minutes of searching various Ph levels, volume styles and colour options (not required), I came away with shampoo and conditioner in separate bottles. I am looking forward to a bouncy look and a more manageable hair day. I am also excited that I am but three washes away from 'An all day salon capable look'. What a load of codswallop!

Clothing was no better. JS actually do a decent range of underwear and I needed some more so I had a gander but none to be had in the 32-34 waist range - pie eating chaps only by the look of the availability today.

I am considerably more excited about the leg of lamb I purchased for dinner tomorrow!


Suburbia said...

Laughing too much to comment!!!!

Katherine said...

me too!!

BS5 Blogger said...

It's a nightmare of complicated bottles!

Yours with a shiny, manageable hairdo and every day salon ability..

Rich x

D'ang said...

You could shave your head. Problem solved.

walsharoo... said...

just buy blue head and shoulders like every other bloke.

BS5 Blogger said...

H&S is what I came home with!