Sunday, 14 December 2008

Early predicition

Today the BBC has its annual TV show celebrating the success of British sport. It's a live show which is a review of the year with people doing silly things in a studio. There is a vote for Sports Personality of the year. I don't think it's fixed like Strictly Come Dancing because the whole vote is a public thing (but then again it is the BBC).

There's a perception that our boy Lewis will romp home after becoming a fast dude in a car but I reckon Rebecca Adlington might sneak it. She is pictured here and is a bit good in the pool, and bagged two gold medals and a world record, and no disrespect to Lewis H, but she did it all with just her own self, and not a 200mph car.

Now I am a gangly spaz on land and can trip over the flattest surface or fall off an escalator in any shopping mall you'd care to name, but I am not half bad in a swimming pool and can glide along quite speedily. I can't see diddly-squat as I have to remove my specs, but I could have been BS5: The Man From Atlantis.

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