Saturday, 13 December 2008

Mental Hour

I have to go to Sainsbury's today. What with this and that and some days at my folks' house, I have not been shopping in a little bit. If you have read this blog awhile, you will know my loathing of 'mental hour' at Sainsbury's, when the ditherers, dawdlers and the largely stupid kick in, and everyone who wants to chat rather than shop turns out.

Outside of December mental hour starts at about 11. During December and ever nearer to Christmas Saturday mental hour stretches to the point where it becomes mental day. We are not there quite yet so I am off out shortly before the lunacy is apparent.

I don't write lists when I shop, I think in 'meal occasions' and purchase to that end, but then because I don't eat bleach, soap, laundry powder or cling film/foil, these are always the things I forget. I am not going to write a list either; that is defeatist and close, close, close to the shopping habit of the mental-hour people!

This is not my local JS, it's the latte drinking eco' friendly, grass roofed, Guardian reading one in Greenwich.

Posts to follow if there is any retail drama.


Suburbia said...

OCD and no lists?! Surely not ?

Suburbia said...

should have added this ;)

BS5 Blogger said...

And yet I put all I needed in the trolley!