Thursday, 4 December 2008


Wow! Several days without Blogging. I rather missed it but then I was in the eye of Hurricane Butler, the aftermath of which is pictured here.

My good friend Seamus was here with his brother Roy. They were over to see various properties, sites, friends and 'opportunities, sure'. It took them 36 hours to get here on account of missing a ferry and a train but they arrived eventually. I always enjoy it when Seamus is over, just as much as I enjoy staying with him over there but this time I had to hunker down and get on with interview prep'for a great gig over in Cardiff. I think that went reasonably well and I did my best, which is all I can do; up to the firm now to pick me or not. Hope they do!

Anyhow, after the preparation and the interview, I relaxed into an afternoon of errands and an evening of pints. I got in at 12, Seamus got in a 4 and Roy got in at half five. Several folk were not so cheery getting to their train earlier this morning.

At least Walshy has his phone charger which Seamus borrowed last time, took to Turkey, took back to Ireland and returned to my house this week.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

youve been missed

Anonymous said...

Dear Phone Charger,

I'm jealous.

The One Less Traveled

BS5 Blogger said...

Thanks FFF - how kind!

Alaina, the phone charger says to tell you that Turkey was great.