Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Stash.

A most smart Christmas stash here at BS5 (temporary relocated to the parental Blog).

The day started v.early this morning in church and then I came home, did a few chores, drank beer and went to bed until half seven.

A nice long morning of this and that and then on to the pressies. This year I received a new digital camera - top smart stuff and I can now take better pics for my Blog than I am able to do on my camera phone. I thought my camera would be the most exciting thing, but it was trumped by toothpaste!

Last time my brother came home from Manila, he bought along some flip-flop toothpaste which I was pretty excited about as it tasted very nice. My bro' clocked this fact and bought me a year's worth which I opened this morning! I wonder how many other 36 year old chaps are excited about Christmas toothpaste elsewhere in the world today? What a lucky little brother I am!

I can't d'l pic from my new camera without installing software on my Pa's Mac, so it shall have to wait awhile.


Suburbia said...

What flavour is flip-flop tooth paste? Toe nail, cheese, veruca flavour? Ewwww!

BS5 Blogger said...

No, silly! The Flip Flops are the Phillipinos - a rather disrespectful term!

Happy Christmas!

Suburbia said...

Hee Hee!