Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Family tiff....?

I woke at 5 today and caught that pleasant transition from the world service into Radio 4; when I catch this pleasant wave into the start of the day I listen until PFTD at 5.45, and occasionally beyond that into Farming Today. When I had finished today I went back to sleep (unusually) and dreams of shared green tea.

Anyhow, as I listened across the hour today, the same theme came up three times and then in a most welcome comment on a previous post, the thought was echoed again by an elegant Parisian Blogger of my slight acquaintance .

Lots of people seem to view Christmas as a sort of 'Buy One Get One Free' argument promotion with a guaranteed spat in those few days that has been boiling up all year! I have to say my Christmas was (and ever is) utterly free of such things; time with my family is a few days entirely devoid of a cross word or a falling out! I mean I am very happy back in BS5 today, and I am happy with guests in my own house, but all my Christmas days were fine and dandy, and I could have stayed many more without incident or argument. Time to count those blessings again, I think.

Without a real jot of relevance to the post, this is my bed, wherein the radio listening hour takes place (yes, it's another Christmas camera pic).


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

no cross words or falling out...I should like to live like that...l must be doing summat wrong!

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh, I doubt that!

I may have vexed my Mum and Dad at some point, and perhaps they kept it quiet?

scargosun said...

Now that we are grown we don't quarrel at all. We did have some rather interesting discussions at my aunt's house about spirituality.