Sunday, 21 December 2008

Fork Handles

A long day of Sunday church action with a morning breakfast gathering (washed up for England), a children's party (I called numbers on Chinese stand up Bingo), and then putting 196 candles into very high candle holders for a service later. All candles fatter than the candle holder holes, so I had to screw each one in to make them steady. Took ages, but at least I get to go back shortly and light them all, which will look smart.

God, I put in lots of hours today, dude - how are we doing on that Mercedes CLS we talked about? You know you want to.

The end of the day may call for a pint.


Suburbia said...

Does He read your blog then?!!

Took me two visists to get the title (heehee!)

BS5 Blogger said...

The upper case is classy....