Wednesday, 31 December 2008

NYE in BS5.

New Year's Eve here in BS5, and everywhere of course, and probably 2009 already in Australia!

I am not doing a review of the year here or anything like that, but with all its challenges, 2008 comes out of the wash as: Fair to Middling. Could have been better, could have been a good deal worse, and I remain thankful for a great deal of it.

Weddings, friends, happy journeys, cooking, blogging, sleeping, church-going, US Election watching, new blog friends, old friends, good friends, candles given, introspection on unemployment, flip-flop toothpaste, days in Ireland, great dog walks with T and Q.

All of these things are fine 2008 occurrences which I was lucky to enjoy.

Here we are under the virtual mistletoe.

A happy new year!

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