Tuesday, 30 December 2008

30 year secrets

I am looking forward to this show today at 11 on Radio 4 or maybe later on The I Player, depending how the morning unfolds.

It's a show that gets a sneak preview at Government/Cabinet papers released under the 30 year rule. I wonder if they will happen upon that time in late 1978 when my Mum gave me a right bollocking for seeing if a coffee cup would survive a plummet from my bedroom window, intact like my action man (who in fairness had the advantage of a parachute).

It's still a bit of a memory here.

Incidentally, my action man was quite a hard chap and I lobbed him out of trees, windows and even the car once; he met his end in covert action behind enemy lines (well in the lounge) when he was eaten by our Great Dane.



scargosun said...

A sad ending for a brave (action)man. Slighly undignified as well. Ick!

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