Thursday, 18 December 2008

Shuttle blogging

Quick call from NASA today, so I had to get the 36 bus from Bristol to California in order to help them out and fly the space shuttle back east across the USA! It's a right tricky bastard taking off with a space shuttle on your fuselage but I did okay.

Why they don't have their own people to do it is curious, but I got my bus fare and lunch thrown in. Here i am over the Mojave desert earlier today.

It's that kinda day in BS5!

Wow Christmas a week today!


scargosun said...

I am glad they included a per diem in your trip. Very nice of them in this economy.

BS5 Blogger said...

Yes it seemed decent! I don't think we flew near your state otherwise I would have called in for a cup of tea or a cheese steak (is that a a 'Philly' thing or am I mixing up my Americanisms?)

I like Alaina's little post of a rafter of turkeys, and it was cool to see you there too.