Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More capers in the Street

Here in BS5 it has been another episode involving the wheeling of curious stuff down the street.

Last month I moved a table tennis table in two parts, and just before that I wheeled a piano the length of my street.

Today I moved an office chair from my house to our church. This chair has been living at my house for some years and was provided by Bag, with the unknown assistance of his previous employer, whence it came. Anyhow, the chair now lives in a new office in the church as part of my Vicar moving house, and I have spent much of the morning shifting stuff and setting it up on her behalf. I also had a look in a top smart pantechnicon parked at the Vicarage. It was massive and exciting.

Alarmingly, as I am a tall chap at some 1m 96 (or six-four and a bit in proper terms), I have been roped into to putting up the curtains in the office on Friday; I know more about particle physics than putting up curtains so it will be a tough call.

I am now going to have a bath and consider my evening plans.

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scargosun said...

Curtains are bad no matter how tall you are. I cringe when people ask me about them at Lottery Yarn.