Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A long bird.

Midnight approaches and it's been a right old caper of a day here in BS5 - non stop really with many a pleasure thrown in, and lots of good deeds done.

I did quite a lot of shifting and lifting helping my vicar move house, and during this task I wheeled stuff all over the postcode area and set some stuff up in her new office. I also had a late call to ask if I could nip back to my vicar's house (she had work, you see) and remove the gas connection on the oven, as the removal men were not registered to do so and had to be out by 5.30. Man, I'm a liability with anything mechanical so I called a Rhubarb pal and we got the deed done - one oven on a lorry in no time at all, and nice to help someone (delightful) out who was in a spot.

Fabulous dinner and then an evening to remember.

Best part of today? A rare sight in BS5 earlier, a fine long bird flew overhead as I was about my day. I'm no ornithologist but a very pretty and colourful thing it was too. I like long birds and hope it flies back soon.

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