Saturday, 8 December 2007

John Cabot says 'Let's play daaaaaaaaaarts!'

I worked away a couple of days at the end of the week in Ivybridge in Devon so I had missed my Blog for a couple of days. I was in a warehouse for two days having a gander at it in order to sort if out for the store I was working in plus the others in the company - all very enjoyable but it was even finer to be back in The Rhubarb for a pint with my friends.

All go this morning with a run at half seven and the shopping done for 9.00 am. I have just applied for a new job as the Centre Manager for the Cabot Shopping centre here in top-smart Bristol. That would be tops! John Cabot who was born in Venice in 1461 lived in Bristol for the rest of his life after 1491. He also explored the whole world. I wonder if he ever knew the Barb? I bet he didn't go round the world by canoe and fool his mates into disappearing for 5 years

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