Saturday, 1 December 2007

The cornerstone of...

Saturday mornings are the best of the week! I woke at 6.15 and skipped a hangover - result! Just a few pints in the Rhubarb last night (4) and home for fish and chips and an idle, early night. It was very quiet in the pub until Karaoke got going at which point I left, not really being in a singing frame of mind. I half fancied a cigar but only momentarily. Haven't smoked a cigar for about 6 months.

It is dark and wet outside this morning so that will be good for running in a little bit. Today I am attempting to make Thai pork-burgers from scratch. Armed with a recipe from Jayne, a friend at work I need to chop up spring onions, add the minced pork, an egg and some breadcrumbs , seasoning and chilli paste, and I'm there. It sounds all too easy but I shall post the result a little later on. I bought some ciabatta rolls to go with the burgers and a nice bottle of Merlot. Ciabatta bread is a little bit Islington and right-on if you ask me but they were RTC. In fact ciabatta is the epitome of Mike's poncey sandwich shop near his office at Leicester Square - he'd flame me for that but when I have been it is always full of ridiculous people with stupid beards and specs (and no ties)ordering daft sarnies whilst barking into Blackberry phones! They are mostly nob ends.

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