Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Post 99

My 99th post is about numbers.

I have had 3 Christmas cards so far. One from a woman who attends the same Church as me, she lives on the road I used to live on when I shared a house with Seamus and she's a full on convert to the power of the Lord to make your whites whiter and all that. So, one from her, another from Dave out warehouse man in the Pet department and another from the gorgeous and delightful Gigi, gently reminding me that I still owe her two bottles of champagne from a bet last month! I had a festive mail shot from Mercedes Benz offering me a good deal on a new C class but it wasn't really, 'Hey Rich, Happy Christmas, here's an S Class, best wishes M-Benz' so I am not counting that.

I hope Walshy makes it 4 with a witty message in his specially commissioned Loofy cards, but I won't be :-( if he doesn't because He and Caz are tops whatever happens!

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