Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Day.

Hello world and a Happy Christmas!

A very happy day indeed here at BS5. Having woken at half six every day all year, I slept in until 10.00 am today!

I had been to Church at Midnight on Christmas Eve and I enjoyed it hugely. I had also been there on Sunday evening after picking Mike up from Putney. I did a reading at that service and it was also a candlelit service, as pictured here.

On Christmas Eve I dropped a pressie in to Debbie and had a delightful glass of wine at her house, prior to seeing her professionally at Midnight! She is a kind sort.

Church at half ten today and this morning we were about a dozen happy people and had a sing song and a pleasant time (No Hark the Herald like Monday night but hey ho) - lots of children in the affair and that was fun. After Church I came home to spend a short time with Mike who then departed to see his folks - he will be back tonight and we will have a Christmas dinner tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have taken a pint, been invited to Christmas dinner at The Rhubarb and had a little sleep here at home . I have also written to lovely Chris and Sofe, spoken to Greg and spoken to Ma and Pa. It was kind that Steve and Joan at the Barb heard I was in the house alone and insisted I had lunch with them!

Ahead of me is an evening of quiet contemplation and pressie opening. I may put the radio on too and just relax, happily and thoughtfully.

All is well here and I am thankful for that.

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