Saturday, 22 December 2007

Walking the dog...

Here I am updating BS5 in HP16. HP16 is Prestwood, Bucks, or Greg's house. I am here and we have just returned from breakfast at The Deep Mill Diner, and a nice long dog walk with Toby, pictured here nose to the window as Greg got home from work.

I am off to Putney this morning to stay with Mike who is coming back to Bristol with me tomorrow. I might be out for a drink with Gigi later this evening before heading back to Mike's overnight. Gigi is over from Galway for Arsenal Spurs which is on at The Emirates today.

Out last night with Helen and we had a couple of beers and a curry in H-W before she caught the 11.30 train home and slept through her stop.

Just Monday to work and then a few days off. Top Smart!

Sunday action to follow in Bristol before all of that

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Yo' Bro' said...

That's all very well. But did you say 'Dee Oh Gee' several times? And 'Tee Oh Bee Why'? That is what you forgot to tell us. And 'Enn Oh Ess Ee.' Yes.