Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Gary goes...

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed up day. It was my friend Gary's funeral at Southmead in Bristol. Bitterly cold but very bright as we got there for midday.

For a quiet man who was in and out of The Rhubarb and talked equally to everyone, there was a tremendous turn out, nudging two hundred people and filling the chapel to the brim. The hymns were The Rugged Cross which I didn't sing and Abide With Me which I gustily had a go at along with everyone else. Most of the people gathered came back to the Rhubarb, and the last time I saw it *that* packed was New Year's Eve - I hope Spence took some comfort in that.

We raised a glass many times and saw the lad off well. I can't see the fruit machine paying its way now Gary had departed but it will be easier to get a go on it :-(

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