Sunday, 9 December 2007

Jim Bowen says That's the Gamble - it's in the Bible!

When I was in my hotel in Ivybridge on Thursday, I took up my usual habit of checking out the drawer to see if there was a bible in place - this used to be a 100% cert' but is not quite so constant these days. This isn't a particularly pious thing, it's just a habit, like always looking at crockery to see where it is made; a habit formed when living next to various pottery factories at University in Stoke.

Anyway, the Ivybridge hotel did have a bible so I read a random part of it in bed, the Book of Job. It's a bit of an odd one and the Big Man (God) and Satan are having a pint and a chat and Satan reckons he can make Job curse God if he gives him a load of hassle so God goes for it with the caveat that Job isn't killed. This doesn't seem very Godly and poor old Job has a really crap day at the office (all his sheep get nicked). G and S keep at this and put the poor fecker right through the wringer - one imagines them sinking more beers, getting a bit pissed and saying 'Alright then, we'll blow his car up and see what he does'. Anyhow, I didn't get to the end because tiredness over took me but it seemed a bit like 101 in six darts or more to get the speedboat.


D'ang said...

See, that was one book of the Bible I never read. The title put me off. The J word! Never!

BS5 Blogger said...

Ha ha, even with your lengthy stint at Marks and Sparks?