Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Hard Post

I was going to indulge in my usual evening post, reflecting on happy, harmless and innocent things that filled my day, the usual mundanities of work, one's dinner and the general disposition of a Tuesday - but not tonight.

Sad and galling news this evening - my friend Spence is the subject of this post. I was at Circuits with Spence last night and we larked about a bit, just being silly before we got going; at the same time a mutual pal was taking a pint with Spence's Dad, Gary - known to many as Gaaaa, and in the usual happy location of The Rhubarb.

This morning, Spence found his Dad in the house, dead - at 50 years old, and Spence only about 24. What a bad business that is. A real sharpening in my day when Trev' called me to say at 5pm. I finished work fairly shortly after that and came home and directly to The Barb but I had missed Spence who was at home supporting his Ma.

I did like Gaa, we talked about coaches - he was a good coach driver going all over Europe. The Barb football team (for which Spence turns out each week) will have their match for Gaa this Sunday, though I will say my quiet word at Church. Gaa is on the pic' in this post, far l.h side and with a beer I had handed to him that football watching morning a while back.

Here's to you Gary, you were a sound fella.

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