Monday, 3 December 2007

Evenin' , Punch 'Ouse.

I am rather pleased this evening because after my first go at a reading yesterday, D the V has dropped me a line to ask if I would like to take one of the spots for the Carol service on Sunday December 23rd. I got a real sense of enjoyment from my reading yesterday so to do one in a church that will probably be chocca is really cool, not to mention very flattering indeed!

Regular Monday otherwise; circuits was cool and not too much of an effort, and my route home via the new Trevor recommendation was peachy. I had a smart chat to my Ma and Pa too. My Pa has a touch of Malaria at the mo', an occasional recurrence he suffers but that's ten years working on and off all over Africa for you. I think he is being sensible and listening to my Mum and I hope & pray he feels better soon.

I am just reading my diary from 13 years ago tonight - a busy shift as Barman at The Punch House in Monmouth and it was the first really busy Saturday night of the Christmas weekends and was wall to wall work and attractive women, according to my own words! Said pub is this post's pic. Pepe who was my boss used to answer the phone and say 'Evenin' Punch 'ouse' all in one Italian accented long word! Happy days.

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