Sunday, 9 December 2007

The rain

The rain, the rain it raineth! Bristol is giving it some large on the raining front this morning but it really isn't cold so I can't put off a run (and actually, I don't really want to). This picture isn't BS5, of course (California as it happens).

My friend Cas is back from Kuala Lumpor today where he has been larking about with Lummox for two weeks. Cas is getting off the plane and the coach home, and heading straight for The Swan With two Necks, our Sunday sojourn pub. Tales a plenty to follow, I am sure. I will drive today so it's soda and lime for me.

My good freind Walshy has a new drawing tablet thingy which is pretty smart so I am going to see what smart images he has added to

Run, bath and a stack of ironing are the morning plan, followed by church at half ten and then excitedly to the pub! Oh yes, and breakfast.

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